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Introducing Morpher Arena

Author Image Denis Bykov

Denis Bykov

Morpher Arena preview, trade Russian stocks virtually.

Morpher Arena lets you trade forbidden markets, like Russian stocks, using USDC on Polygon. One of the great benefits of virtual markets is that there is no interaction with the underlying asset. So while Russian stocks are “uninvestable” around the world, you can trade the virtual version of the stock without benefiting any shareholders or oligarchs.

This is an experiment, an interesting use case of virtual markets in democratizing finance. Virtual markets are perfectly liquid, easy to short, and don’t affect the underlying market. As always our credo with Morpher is no middlemen – there’s no counterparty, no need to match buyers & sellers, and no exchanging.

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The Arena project has been shut down. If there is a market you're excited to see on Morpher, let us know on Discord.