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Morpher DEX: Trade and Invest on Ethereum

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Danilo Pereira

Morpher DEX launch: search 700 markets on Ethereum.

Almost one year after the launch of the Morpher trading app, we are very happy to announce the launch of Morpher DEX on the Ethereum mainnet!

Today’s launch marks an important step in our journey to make trading accessible to everyone. With Morpher DEX, you can trade over 700 markets long or short with up to 10x leverage directly from your wallet. There is no need to sign up and there are no commissions either, all you need to pay are Ethereum gas fees. So if you are into DeFi and looking to invest using ERC20 tokens, we built this for you!

Just like our trading app, the Morpher DEX enables decentralized stock trading via smart contracts. Choose the market and amount you would like to invest (e.g. Tesla stock). Invested tokens “morph” into a Virtual Future, and are destroyed upon creation. When the Virtual Future is closed, tokens are minted proportionally to the current value of the Virtual Future, which is pegged to the performance of the underlying market.

Here is a list of key features:

  • Long & short exposure to every market
  • 24/7 trading (including stocks)
  • Stocks, commodities, forex, and cryptos
  • No collateralization
  • Infinite liquidity
  • Zero slippage on any order size
  • 10x leverage
  • Global permissionless access (no signup)
  • No counterparty
  • Swap any ERC20 token directly into a market position
    • Morph ETH into Tesla Virtual Future
    • Morph DAI into Polkadot Virtual Future
  • Earn over 5% a year by staking

Two things set Morpher apart from other synthetic asset protocols: firstly, we offer an order of magnitude more markets than other platforms, and we will keep adding more. Secondly, going short and using leverage (up to 10x) are much easier on Morpher. There is no need for collateral to create synthetic markets. If you want more information on how Morpher DEX compares to synthetic asset protocols, you can check out this article.

There is still a long way to go before trading is accessible to everyone in the world, but this is a major step forward. We won’t rest until everyone with an internet connection can participate in the financial markets via Morpher.

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