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The only market banned from the world's largest exchange. Now available for trading - exclusively on Morpher.

The illegal commodity

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Hey! I'm Martin, CEO and cofounder of Morpher.
There is a market so elusive, that no matter how rich or powerful you are, you cannot trade it.
It is the humble onion! This everyday commodity is the forbidden fruit of financial markets. It's actually banned by law from being traded.
The tale behind this saga is nothing short of legendary – the stuff Hollywood dreams are made of.

Just imagine:
- The Chicago river overflowing with onions
- An uneducated farmer outsmarting every trader on Wall Street
- An epic showdown between farmers, free markets, and the US government

An incredible true story

Vincent Kosuga made $100 million by cornering the market. In 1955 he controlled 98% of the onion market.
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"If it's against the law to make money... then I'm guilty"
Onions became worth even less than the bags they came in, driving farmers across the US into bankruptcy.
The US Government responded by passing the Onion Futures Act, banning the trading of onion commodities.
But these highlights really don't do the story justice. Get the full picture with a great podcast episode or video:

Reviving the great onion market

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Introducing the newest addition to our trading platform: the Onion Market! Yes, you heard it right – we're bringing you the most tear-inducing, aromatic, and pungent market you've ever seen.
The same technology that lets you short Tesla stock with 10x leverage also supports unique assets. All we need is an accurate price (which we get from grocers all around the world). Then you trade onions directly on the blockchain.
Why did we create an onion market? To show that there are no limits when trading with zero middlemen. Our mission is to democratize trading and investing. This means letting everyone access the markets, but also providing access to every market.
And to have some fun, turning real world assets into perfect virtual markets. Just like our luxury Watch Markets and the delicious Pizza market.
Warning: trading onions may cause sudden cravings for onion rings, onion soup, and other onion-related delicacies.
Join 200,000+ traders already exploring unique markets.

Discover your trading superpowers.
You don't have to be a pro to experience game-changing investing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really trade onions on Morpher?
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Yes, onions are a newly available market on Morpher. Morpher lets you trade every market with zero middlemen. None of our markets need exchanges, brokers, clearinghouses or custodians. So enabling you to trade onions just required us to find an accurate price feed.

How is the price determined?
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We check grocery stores around the world for live and up-to-date prices on yellow onions. Everyday grocery stores are a fantastic pricing tool for commodities, as you may have noticed with your own grocery shopping. Changes in demand and supply get reflected in these stores very quickly.

Is trading onions legal?
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Yes, trading onions on Morpher is legal. Specifically, onions are only illegal to trade in the US (on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange). As the largest futures exchange, the CME sets the tone for the rest of the world. So while trading onions is legal almost everywhere, very few countries have an onion market.

Why would I want to trade onions?
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Look, we get that they make you cry every time you cook. Onions certainly aren't as exciting as Bitcoin, or as vital to your investment portfolio as Apple. But onions are actually an important global commodity, whether or not there is a futures market for them.

If you prefer your onions caramelized, we've added them to our cheesy Pizza Index (yes also a real market).

Are there any limitations on trading onions?
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Leverage (magnifying your position up to 10x) and short-selling are not currently available for unique markets. We are actively exploring making this possible in the near future.

Still have questions?
Visit our help center.
Onions not your thing?
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