Morpher Wallet - Recoverable & non-custodial crypto wallet

The crypto wallet you won't lose

Your secure, open-source, and fully recoverable gateway to thousands of markets on Ethereum.

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Your keys, your coins

Morpher Wallet is non-custodial and self-hosted. It's engineered such that we can't access your keys or your funds. You are always in full control: take your wallet with you anywhere (like move to Metamask).

Crypto seed phrase and private key
Trusted wallet recovery

Never lose your funds

The days of lost crypto funds are over. Add a trusted online account as the recovery method for your wallet. Use services you love like Google, Facebook, and VK to reset a forgotten password.

Your keys remain encrypted and are never shared.

Protect your crypto with 2-Step

Crypto security made easy. Protect yourself from account takeovers and compromised passwords. 2-Step is an extra lock on your wallet, letting you authenticate yourself via email or smartphone.

2-Step wallet verification

Serious Wallet Security

Military grade wallet security

Military-Grade Encryption

We use best-in-class hashing and encryption methods. All done directly directly on your device. Your keys are never exposed, not even on your hard drive.

Independent Audits

Don't just take our word for it, we ask top blockchain security firms to review our codebase. They make sure you get the safest wallet experience possible.

Full Transparency

Our code is continually vetted by the open source community and security specialists taking part in our bug bounty program. The wallet code is safer and stronger thanks to many.

For Developers: Invisible DApp wallet

Treat your users with the Web 2.0 flow they know, and the Web 3.0 features they want. The Morpher SDK offers deep integration with custom events and callbacks for seamless UX.

Free and open-source

Web-based universal compatibility

Zero-configuration keystore

Hosted and self-hosted solutions

Deep code-level customization options

Virtual Futures:Any financial markets mentioned are only available as Virtual Futures. All mentions of buying, selling, or shorting markets refers to placing long or short stakes on Virtual Futures that represent those markets. Virtual Futures are synthetic instruments, built using Ethereum blockchain protocols, that grant users exposure to the price development of various assets. Virtual Futures' prices can be derived from stocks, currencies, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, as well as other alternative investment assets. Unlike actual futures, Virtual Futures can track their underlying market in perpetuity and do not expire. Virtual Futures do not provide ownership of the underlying markets that they emulate. They do not represent a share or other claim with respect to an investment undertaking. Virtual Futures are not tradable, transferable, or standardized. Virtual Futures are also not based on a contractual relationship. Virtual futures are not derivatives, CFDs, securities, derivative securities, money-market instruments, or any other financial instrument under MiFID II and the Austrian Securities Supervision Act. Virtual Futures are not options, futures, swaps or forward rate agreements because there is no obligation for future performance at a certain or designated future date.

Portfolio Value: Your investment portfolio on Morpher is not a bank insured deposit. Returns are not guaranteed, your portfolio may lose value. All investments are denominated in Morpher Tokens and subject to related currency risks (see below). You are the custodian of your own funds, Morpher does not safeguard any private cryptographic keys on behalf of users, including wallets that hold Morpher Tokens. Users who choose to interact with the Morpher blockchain protocols retain full control over their private keys.

Currency Risk: Your account with Morpher will be held in Morpher Tokens (an ERC20 cryptocurrency), accordingly you should be aware of cryptocurrency price fluctuations. Morpher Tokens could result in a loss for the user placing a trade on the Virtual Future, even if the prediction of the underlying's development was correct.

No Counterparty: Morpher Labs is not an exchange, market maker, or brokerage firm. Users place trades by interacting directly with a Virtual Future. The blockchain protocol accepts all orders instantly and automatically. There is no counterparty to a Virtual Future or need for matching with other orders. Users can close their positions instantly and automatically, without the need to find a counterparty or intermediary for their trade.

Supported Markets for Trading: Markets mentioned on this page are used as an example of the type of markets Virtual Futures can be based on. Actual markets available on the Morpher trading platform may vary.