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¹ The price is an estimate based on a private presale of Morpher Tokens. Morpher Labs GmbH does not take any financial responsibility for the value of Morpher Tokens. Morpher does not guarantee the price of the tokens or your ability to convert tokens into fiat or other forms of currency. “Investment” in markets refers to staking a position on Virtual Futures using Morpher Tokens. Virtual Futures do not provide ownership of underlying markets.

Token Reward Variability: The Morpher Token reward varies with the number of tokens already claimed. The reward of 2,000 Morpher Tokens is only for the first 10,000 users that sign up and pass KYC/AML.

Supported Markets for Trading: Markets mentioned on this page are used as an example of the type of markets Virtual Futures can be based on. Actual markets available on the Morpher trading platform may vary.

No Contractual Relationship: The Morpher Tokens distributed in connection with the airdrop and referral program are 'gifts' pursuant to § 938 of the Austrian General Civil Code and do not confer any rights, neither statutory nor contractual, on recipients. See Airdrop Terms & Conditions.