How Staking Works

Staking is a way to earn a guaranteed return on MPH tokens that are not being invested in markets. It's like a virtual savings account that pays out in crypto.

Earning 5.48% APR

All staked MPH is credited with 0.015% more tokens each day. The earnings are non-compounding resulting in a yearly gain of 5.48%. Staking rewards are minted daily as part of Morpher's inflationary tokenomics.

Time Lockup

You have to wait 30 days after staking before you can withdraw. Every time you stake the 30 day time lockup is applied to your funds again.

The rewards do not increase your initial stake (non-compounding). Earnings are paid out in MPH when you unstake and redeem.

Terms and rewards rate subject to change at any time.

Start earning 5.48% now.