# Airdrop Help Center

Find answers to common issues below. If you don't see your particular problem please [contact support](mailto:support@morpher.com?subject=Airdrop Help).

# Why did Automatic KYC verification fail?

This means your information could not be automatically processed. We have limited bandwidth for manual reviews so it's important to get things right if you try again. Please follow these tips for speedy KYC verification:

ID Readability: Please take a clear image of the front and back of your documents in good lighting.

Liveness: Make sure your camera has good light and that your face is completely visible when turning your head twice.

Document Mismatch: Take a clear and well-lighted image of the front and back of your documents. Make sure your documents are not expired, or try a different type of ID.

ID Ownership: Do not upload a scan. Please take a new image of your documents with good lighting.

# My friend signed up but I didn't get a referral bonus.

Check your Airdrop Status page to see if your friend's email is in your Invite List. Only invites with status "Complete" count towards your referral bonuses. You can find out about the different statuses here. If you can't find your friend on the invite list, they might have not used your link. You can ask your friend to email us and we'll update the referral (make sure they include your email address in the email also).

# Why do my referrals have status "Error"?

It's possible that some of your invites run into issues meeting our eligibility requirements after completing KYC. Here are a couple reasons your invites could have an "Error" status:

  • They reside in an unsupported country
  • They are under 18 years of age
  • They have already signed up and this is a duplicate account
  • Their identity documents could not be verified

# What does "Maximum Users Reached" mean?

We have a maximum number of spots in the Airdrop for residents of different countries. This is set at our discretion with the goal of having enough space in the Airdrop for users all around the world. These user limits are usually temporary, and if you signup for the waitlist we will let you know as soon as more spots are available in the Airdrop.

# Why can't I sign up from my country?

Not every region can be supported at launch, but we're working hard to expand global compliance. Morpher is based in Austria so we're focused on European regulations. We hope to support more global customers soon.