# Sell MPH Tokens

Here is how to sell your MPH right now:

  1. Buy Ethereum (ETH) & send to Morpher wallet
  2. Withdraw MPH on Morpher
  3. Swap MPH for ETH on Uniswap
  4. Sell ETH for USD/EUR

# 1. Get Ethereum (ETH)

New to crypto? ETH is a cryptocurrency that powers the Ethereum blockchain. Learn about Ethereum.

You can buy ETH on most crypto exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase, Kraken and many more.

Check which exchange sells ETH in your country here.

# How Much ETH Do I Need?


Look at last number in [Txn Fee] column on Etherscan and multiply by 3. This should be more than enough for everything. Any ETH you don't use you can sell back into dollars.

You will need to spend ETH to move ETH on Morpher, to complete withdrawal, to approve MPH on Uniswap, and to sell MPH. Every blockchain transaction costs ETH. The price and ETH amount constantly changes.

# Move Purchased ETH to Morpher Wallet

Go to Settings page in Morpher and copy your Ethereum Address.

Ethereum address on Morpher

Go back to the exchange where you bought Ethereum (Binance/Coinbase) and send ETH to your address.

# 2. Withdraw MPH

Withdrawals cannot be canceled

Withdrawals cannot be canceled or reversed once you start. Make sure you want to withdraw your MPH and will spend ETH to get it.

Your balance in the Morpher app is MPH on the Morpher network. You need to withdraw before you can sell your MPH.

# Step 1: Move MPH to Mainnet Ethereum Blockchain

  1. Go to Funds page, and click Withdraw.
  2. Click Step 1 Move to Mainnet.
  3. Enter the amount of MPH you want to withdraw.
  4. Click Start Withdrawal.
  5. Wait for withdrawal to process.

# Step 2: Collect Tokens

  1. Click Collect button under "Finished Withdrawals".
  2. Click Collect Tokens.

Now you need to pay Ethereum to complete withdrawal. Your wallet will show how much ETH it wants to send for this transaction.

Fortmatic wallet gas fee

High Ethereum Gas Fees

Make sure the gas price makes sense, Ethereum can be expensive. This has nothing to do with us, if Ethereum network is busy it costs more.

# How to Check Withdrawal Worked

  1. Refresh Funds page on Morpher.
  2. Click "Ethereum" under Wallet Network.
  3. Check your balance on the card.
Check MPH balance

# 3. Swap MPH on Uniswap

Launch Uniswap Exchange (use this link to automatically sell MPH for ETH).

# Connect Wallet

Connect the exact same wallet you use on Morpher.

Connect wallet Uniswap

Most Users

  1. Click 'Connect Wallet'
  2. Choose Fortmatic.
  3. Enter the same email/password that you use on Morpher.

# Approve MPH

Click Approve MPH. This lets Uniswap access your MPH funds. Approving access also costs ETH.

# Swap/Sell

Enter the amount of MPH you want to sell and click Swap. Swap MPH for ETH Uniswap

# 4. Sell ETH

You now have everything in ETH in your wallet. You can turn ETH into dollars/euros/crypto. Just go back to the same exchange you where you bought Ethereum (Coinbase/Kraken/Binance) and sell your ETH.

# Send ETH to Exchange

Here is how to send ETH from your wallet to the exchange you want.

  1. Go to Fortmatic.
  2. Click Account.
  3. Log in with your Morpher email and password.
  4. Click on the Account Icon top left.
  5. Click Send.
Send ETH with Fortmatic