# What is Virtual Gas?

Morpher runs on our own blockchain that's based on Ethereum. In the background of every Morpher trade, Virtual Gas is being spent to send that trade. This Virtual Gas is denominated as ETH, just like on Ethereum, but Virtual Gas has no value.

For simplicity, we automatically fill your Virtual Gas balance every night. If you accidentally send this ETH somewhere, we do not refill your balance. This is to prevent congestion attacks on our blockchain. If you sent ETH somewhere, please contact support for help with your account.

# ETH in Fortmatic

If you open your crypto wallet on Morpher, you will see an ETH balance. This is Virtual Gas. While you're in the Morpher app, Fortmatic (crypto wallet) is connected to our own blockchain. Anywhere you see ETH in Fortmatic will refer to Virtual Gas, not real Ether / ETH.

# Virtual Gas vs Ethereum ETH

For deposits and withdrawals you need ETH on Ethereum.

🔍 How to View your ETH Balance:

  1. Go to Funds page.
  2. Click Ethereum on the Wallet Network toggle.
  3. Your ETH balance will be displayed below the toggle.

Similarly, you can see your Virtual Gas Balance by choosing "Morpher" in the Wallet Network toggle.

Toggle wallet network