# Introduction

Morpher is a trading platform and a market protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. We virtualize investing by rebuilding the financial markets from the ground up on the blockchain. This enables trading a wide universe of assets 24/7, with infinite liquidity, and zero fees. Morpher is the first platform that does not require counterparties, middlemen, or any custodians to facilitate trading. More importantly our mission is to democratize investing by making it available to everyone at zero cost.

# Features

24/7 Trading Across All Markets: You can place long/short trades even if the underlying market is closed. One of the best parts of crypto trading is now built right into stocks and forex too.

No Counterparty: Our platform doesn't rely on trading couterparties, no middlemen to take fees just to execute a buy or sell.

Infinite Liquidity: You can trade any market at any time, no matter if there's someone willing to take the other side.

No Slippage: Perfect trade execution, high volatility doesn't affect your trade price.

Fractional Trading: Simply select the amount you want to place on each trade, regardless of the asset price.

Long & Short: Forget about short sell interest expenses and go short on any market.

Leverage: Trade with up to 10x leverage.

Stealth Trading: Trades you make on Morpher never affect the underlying asset, like a perfect dark-pool.

Zero Fees: No custodial account fees, no trading fees, no commissions, and no activity fees. The market-standard spread takes care of transaction costs. Even no Ethereum gas fees when using our app and sidechain.

No Minimum Account Size: There is no minimum capital requirement to start trading.

Global Markets & Global Access: International markets made accessible for almost everyone around the world.

Instant Trade Settlement: No slippage or market movement means your order is filled/executed entirely at the current market price.

# Infinite Liquidity

In traditional investing there is a counterparty for every trade: when you are selling, someone is buying and vice versa. This isn't the case on Morpher where our protocol mints and burns tokens based on the performance of your investment. The result is the same return profile as placing that trade on traditional markets, without anyone needed on the opposite side of the trade. Trading within the Morpher App using Virtual Futures is done with infinite liquidity, where trades do not incur slippage or fees from market movements. While trades on Morpher are perfectly liquid, trades involving Morpher tokens for crypto/fiat on secondary exchanges are not.

# Supported Markets

We currently support over 600 markets including US stocks, commodity futures, spot forex, and major cryptocurrency pairs.

# Creating Exotic Markets

The Morpher Protocol allows us to turn any datafeed into a market. The underlying asset never needs to be traded as long as their is a verifiable source of truth for its price. This opens an entire world of data that can now be traded:

  • Housing price indices
  • Continuous Indices/Statistics
    • Interest rates
    • Crop yields
    • Corporate fundamentals
    • Manufacturing Indices
  • Water Futures
  • Bee Populations
  • Diamond Futures
  • and many more...

You can request new markets. We are working on bringing the most exciting new markets to Morpher very soon.

# Morpher Tokens

Morpher is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and Morpher Tokens are an Ethereum based cryptocurrency (an ERC20 token). This means Morpher Tokens are compatible with most crypto wallets and can be listed on all major exchanges. Morpher Tokens power our unique trading platform. They're used as the settlement currency for all investments. All trades on Morpher are settled in Morpher Tokens instead of USD or Bitcoin. Morpher’s currency is staked via its smart contracts on any asset supported by our platform. As the underlying asset gains market value, the smart contract mints new coins to the investor, and if the underlying decreases in value, the staked coins are destroyed proportionally. So Morpher Tokens are a naturally solvent currency.

More information can be found in the Token Owner's Guide.

# Why Use Morpher?

Morpher is made for traders, investors, crypto enthusiasts, and even institutional trading firms. Anyone trading with a traditional brokerage will be delighted by our unparalleled market access and infinite liquidity.

# Access

  1. We provide easy access to high quality assets like US and EU stocks for those that don't live there. Global access to global markets is a key component of our mission to democratize trading and investing.
  2. Fractional trading means your bank account no longer matters when you develop your trading strategy or investment portfolio.
  3. Shorting markets allows you to avoid sitting on the sidelines when markets crash. Again not available to the average investor and costly otherwise.

# Only with Morpher

Here are just a few trades that are only possible with Morpher:

  • Short Tesla ($TSLA) before the Pre-Market session while Wall Street is closed.
  • Buy Gold futures on the weekend in response to breaking news.
  • Scalp cryptocurrency trends without worrying about liquidity.

# Is Morpher Safe?

Where you invest your money is important and we take this responsibility seriously. Luckily with Morpher you keep control of your funds with your crypto wallet. In many ways trading on Morpher is more secure and transparent than traditional brokers. There is no order flow manipulation, no slippage, and no predatory order-sniping (high frequency traders). There is no counterparty, no one getting in between you and your trades.

Our protocol is almost entirely self-sufficient and we will decentralize even further over time. You can choose to interact with the protocol directly and never involve our backend, just using our live and accurate price data. Finally we've built safeguards into place so that even if Morpher goes down or disappears, the protocol will remain fully functional so you can recover your trades (more information in Morpher Protocol).

Morpher Labs GmbH is based in beautiful Vienna, Austria at Heinestrasse 21/4. As a European company we abide by privacy rules designed to protect your information under GDPR. When it comes to our trading platform we are fully compliant under MiFID II and EU wide financial regulations.

# Why is it called Morpher?

The Morpher Protocol enables our tokens to morph into any other asset, and emulate the asset's price and return profile.