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What's New

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January 20, 2022 - Mobile Web Improvements

Happy New Year! We're busy with some big projects, so in the meantime we're releasing small improvements and bug fixes.

Mobile Improvements

  • A mobile-friendly toggle for switching chart layout.
  • One-tap, responsive search on mobile.
  • Wallet 2FA screen now pulls up the decimal keyboard.

Bug Fixes

  • Clicking Show All on Discovery markets will display current markets, instead of loading new market suggestions.
  • Clicking Crypto toggle on Funds now shows correct limits for Tier 1 users.
  • Position weights on Portfolio page have been fixed.
  • Spreads now display correctly in Russian as well.
  • Top Gaines and Top Losers market lists now show the right symbols inside the comparison chart.
  • Formatting below market chart has been fixed for smaller screens.
  • Switching advanced/basic charting now works even after connection timeouts (when page is left open for a long time).
  • Improved the stability of Morpher Wallet authentication, including more reliable login on iOS.

Upcoming Projects

💰 Improved Withdrawals

Fiat withdrawal option, rolling out gradually. Pending banking & additional compliance.

📈 Sidechain Staking

Savings account built right into the Morpher app. Earn interest on any MPH that's not invested in markets. Up to 5.48% a year.

📱 Mobile App

Native mobile trading app for iOS and Android. Place your trades and track markets on the go.

December 23, 2021 - Market Discovery Redesign ✨

Tailored Market Suggestions

Discover markets you'll love, directly from the homepage. Presented in our beautiful new market card design, with all the key info available at a glance.

With so many markets to choose from it's hard to know what matters right now. Discovery fetches trending and popular markets from around the world.

But most importantly it's tailored to you. All the suggestions adjust based on your favorite markets and positions.

Market Lists

Get curated lists of stocks, cryptos, forex, and commodities to focus on the markets that matter to you. No more infinite scrolling the stocks page, just click right into the sectors and categories you care about. Compare tech darlings, electric car companies, real estate, hot DeFi tokens and more.

Trade the trending stocks on WallStreetBets or the hottest cryptos across Reddit.

December 7, 2021 - TradingView Charts 🕯️

More than 30 million traders around the world use TradingView to make better trades. Now you can use it on Morpher too.

Click the Advanced toggle above any market chart to activate TradingView charts.


🤖 Over 100 technical indicators.

🔎 Multi-timeframe charts for granular analysis.

🎨 Advanced drawing tools to find every chart pattern.

⚖️ Compare multiple markets on the same chart.

👀 Customize charts to look exactly how you want.

⬇️ Save your indicator settings and reuse on any market.

↩️ Save chart layouts so you can always come back.

🔓 Unlimited indicators and unlimited chart layouts.

TradingView Charts

December 3, 2021 - DEX Updates 🦊

We've dramatically improved stability and made important updates for Metamask compatibility.

🦊 Metamask should work much smoother. Lots of bugs ironed out.

📒 Improved Ledger support, when connected through Metamask

📈 Repaired sparkline market charts

🔄 Faster crypto balance loading, no more infinite loaders.

November 17, 2021 - Revamped Deposits

New funding flow in Morpher trading app.

Deposits have been revamped with greater support for global transactions. Now you can pay by card directly, or indirectly with Google Pay, Apple Pay, SEPA, Wire Transfer, Binance, Western Union, Moneygram, Alipay, Payoneer and more! With expanded global support we’ve also increased the available currencies to Brazilian Real, Russian Ruble, British Pound, Turkish lira and others.

Support Articles

🇷🇺 Russian Language Translation

Привет comrades! The Morpher App, DEX, website and wallet are all available in Russian. Support articles are also available in Russian.

Connect with our Russian team on VK and Discord.

October 1, 2021 - Notable Releases 🎉


Trade hundreds of markets directly on Ethereum. No account required. Invest using ERC20 tokens. Earn tokens by staking MPH.


Open-source crypto wallet that's easy to use, secure, fully recoverable, and non-custodial.

Crypto Deposits

Support for account funding using BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH.