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Crypto Analysis Tools for Research, Trading and Security

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Crypto Analysis Tools

There is a timeless saying: “Knowledge is power” that should always be followed. That holds true in all parts of the crypto economy. If you are the first to know a new insight or find a promising project, you might be positioned to generate some outsized profits. There are multiple ways on how to allocate your crypto portfolio, multiple ways on how to trade and thus, your toolkit for research needs to be diverse. You might need different tools depending on your investment thesis and goals. Some might just need excellent charting tools, some might need an assistant that tells them where the action is, and others might want to copy the big investors. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. To prepare you for all options and give you a large arsenal of tools, we designed a guide covering 10+ Crypto Analysis Tools for all circumstances. This list is a collection of things real investors and trading companies use daily, so let’s dive right in. 

Best Crypto Analysis Tools

TradingView – Best Technical Analysis Tool

TradingView stands as a widely-used platform among day and swing traders. The platform offers over 100 standard indicators, complemented by an additional 100,000+ indicators developed by its user community. It also encompasses 90+ drawing tools designed for chart analysis.

A notable feature includes the Volume Profile indicators, providing insight into the most frequently traded price levels. Its candlestick pattern tool also offers an automated recognition of established market patterns. The multi-timeframe analysis function presents multiple time horizons concurrently, catering to varied trading strategies. The Auto Chart Patterns tool aids in the detection of recurring chart formations.

Boasting a user base of over 50 million, as indicated on their website, TradingView also facilitates a community-driven environment. This platform allows users to exchange trading ideas and share algorithmic trading scripts.

TradingView Indicators

TradingView incorporates comprehensive financial data for various companies by supplementing its technical analysis capabilities. Adjacent to their respective charts, this data offers a snapshot of the company’s financial standing. This amalgamation of technical charts and fundamental data provides a holistic view for traders evaluating assets. 

Pro Trick: If you want to use many of the pro features of Tradingview and do not want to pay for them, you can simply register on platforms like Morpher and use their built-in features which are almost the same. 

Morpher AI – Best AI Trading Tool

Morpher AI is an exciting tool that offers real-time updates on stocks and cryptocurrencies, acting like a 24/7 personal investment guide. Instead of digging through heaps of information, AI quickly points out major market shifts and helps traders understand why these changes occur. For example, if a stock is surging, Morpher AI will highlight the move and explain why this move happened through recent news or company announcements. This is particularly helpful for beginners, breaking down the often complicated trading world into bite-sized, understandable insights. 

Morpher AI tool

Plus, there’s no need to constantly be tied to the news cycle. Morpher AI constantly sweeps through thousands of markets, giving you only the most interesting markets. It is like demystifying daily market events without buying a Bloomberg Terminal. 

It emphasizes the robustness of its AI by highlighting its smart filters, refined news data, and cutting-edge prompt engineering. A distinguishing feature is the AI’s self-awareness; it communicates uncertainties, alerting users when it cannot ascertain the cause behind market events.

“Unlike some AI tools, we spent a lot of time making sure Morpher AI provides accurate information. We basically taught our AI humility – it can admit when it doesn’t know why a market is up or down.” 

Morpher AI is like your personal room full of analysts that constantly sweep through all markets to show you where the action is. You can delve into up-to-date articles spanning a variety of financial domains, from stocks and cryptocurrencies to forex and indices, underscoring the platform’s comprehensive approach to market research.

LunarCrush – Best for Listing New Crypto Events

LunarCrush offers an interest-based search mechanism tailored to the financial markets. Advanced data analytics presents users with a comprehensive perspective on prevailing trends scattered across different social media platforms. This tool’s design highlights the often-discussed intersection of social media dynamics with financial markets. Specifically, it suggests a potential correlation between the volume and nature of social media discourse and its consequential influence on financial markets, possibly dictating investor sentiment and, at a broader scale, affecting collective investment decisions.

An interesting feature within LunarCrush allows users to systematically track particular influencers or specialized Twitter accounts, especially those that predominantly focus on cryptocurrencies. This function lets users determine the regularity and frequency at which these influencers or accounts discuss or mention specific coins. This, in theory, could serve as an indicative metric for gauging the popularity or topical relevance of certain cryptocurrencies in the vast landscape of social media.

LunarCrush Tool

Furthermore, LunarCrush offers a distinct functionality where users can analyze individual cryptocurrencies based on their volume of mentions across social media. This could potentially offer insights into the coin’s prominence in ongoing discussions.

However, an objective observation indicates that LunarCrush, while robust in its offerings, appears to have elements that might still be in the development or refinement phase. As with any analytical tool, a prudent approach involves continuous observation and understanding of its evolving capabilities.

Nansen – Best for Analyzing Ethereum Wallet Addresses

Nansen offers a database of 250M+ labelled addresses spanning over 10 blockchain chains. The primary utility of this feature is to facilitate the swift identification of wallet ownership. For instance, users can conveniently ascertain if a specific wallet address has been previously involved in undesirable activities, such as rug pulling, thus potentially saving time and mitigating risk.

Nansen Tool

Another capability provided by Nansen is its “Follow the Smart Money” feature. This allows users to observe fund movements, potentially identify emerging projects or tokens, and track transactions in intricate detail. Such granular insights can be particularly advantageous for those aiming to understand the nuances of fund transfers within the crypto domain.

Top-tier funds and notable crypto teams frequently employ Nansen for a multitude of purposes: 

  • Investment decisions
  • acquiring business intelligence
  • conducting user and product analytics
  • strategizing for ecosystem expansion

The platform is designed to help users interpret market behaviour, rationalize price fluctuations, and devise investment approaches. Additionally, it aids in recognizing opportunities, executing strategies, and subsequently reviewing performance metrics.

The expansive labelled address repository provided by Nansen, complemented by its proprietary data, can significantly bolster a wide spectrum of crypto-related activities. These can encompass market making, momentum investing, scouting for airdrops, yield farming, and several other functions. In sum, Nansen’s offerings seem to align with the requirements of professionals navigating the complexities of the crypto world.

Coinmarketcap – Best for Market Data

CoinMarketCap stands as a reference point in the domain of cryptocurrency data aggregation. With a database that encompasses a vast array of cryptocurrencies, it serves as a comprehensive source for price data, market capitalization, trading volume, and other critical metrics pertinent to both seasoned investors and newcomers to the crypto arena.

Coinmarketcap Tool

A defining feature of CoinMarketCap is its user-friendly interface which grants easy access to an extensive range of data points. Users can quickly gauge the market performance of a particular cryptocurrency, observe historical data trends, and even delve into specifics like circulating supply. Moreover, the platform offers a list ranking cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalization, providing a snapshot of the current market hierarchy.

Beyond just price metrics, CoinMarketCap integrates information about cryptocurrency exchanges. It furnishes details regarding 24-hour trading volumes, the number of listed coins, and other relevant statistics for each exchange, serving as a comparative tool for traders.

Another utility the platform offers is its news aggregator. It collates cryptocurrency and blockchain-related news from various sources, ensuring users remain abreast of the latest developments in the crypto sphere.

Regarding educational resources, CoinMarketCap provides many articles, glossaries, and tutorials to enhance novices’ understanding and reinforce the knowledge of seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

As a tool, CoinMarketCap seems to prioritize transparency and accessibility, ensuring users have a clear perspective of the volatile cryptocurrency landscape. Given its exhaustive data offerings and commitment to timely updates, it remains a go-to resource for many.

Cryptofees – Best for Fee Exploration

Cryptofees provides data pertaining to fees generated by various decentralized protocols and networks. Its database offers information on both daily and 7-day average fees. Through this, users can compare fee accruals across different protocols, thereby obtaining an understanding of network utility and adoption rates.

Cryptofees Tool

The platform’s interface presents fee data in a structured format. Users can access the fee information for each listed protocol, facilitating a systematic approach to data interpretation. Beyond merely displaying fee metrics, also indicates the number of daily active users for selected protocols. This additional metric allows for a correlation between fee generation and user activity.

For users seeking detailed data, provides direct links to the respective protocol’s native site or analytics page. This facilitates a deeper exploration of specific protocols for those inclined. centralizes and presents fee data from a range of decentralized platforms, aiming to support users in understanding the financial landscape of these protocols.

OpenOrgs – Best for DAO Comparison

OpenOrgs is all about decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Its core functionality is simply presenting metrics about DAOs, encompassing aspects such as treasury balances, member counts, and proposal activities. They simply explain it as: 

“DAOs are the new companies.

What’s on their balance sheets?” 

OpenOrgs Tool

You can derive objective insights into the operational and financial state of various DAOs, all under one digital roof.

The layout of is configured for ease of data interpretation. Each DAO’s specific metrics are displayed, permitting you to assess and compare all DAOs. Among the data displayed, treasury balances of DAOs stand out, offering a transparent view of each organization’s available financial resources. Concurrently, the platform’s display of member counts and proposal activities provides an unembellished view of community participation and the decision-making processes inherent to these decentralized structures.

If you want an in-depth examination of the DAOs, the site offers links directing to the primary sources or official platforms of the featured DAOs.

In its operational capacity, functions as a structured repository for DAO-related data, striving to facilitate user comprehension of these increasingly prevalent decentralized entities without interjecting subjective interpretation.

Messari Pro 

Messari Pro serves as a data and research platform for the cryptocurrency sector with range of metrics that cover numerous crypto assets. 

Messari Tool

Messari is sort of a complete package of everything you might need: 

  • Issue daily research reports providing data on various crypto sectors and trends.
  • Facilitates your ability to compare assets
  • For current news, Messari aggregates content from established media outlets and project-specific blogs, presenting a consolidated feed of relevant information.
  • Breakdowns of portfolios associated with venture funds, hedge funds, and indices
  • A repository for crypto-related data and research with investment patterns

You can also employ custom screeners to evaluate assets based on specific metrics. Additionally, Messari Pro houses a catalogue containing time series metrics for a broad range of assets, ensuring you have access to historical data points.

A cool feature of Messari Pro is the inclusion of Market Maps. These maps categorize and visualize key participants in distinct ecosystems or themes using both qualitative and quantitative data. You can basically see all the players in the specific sector in one chart. You probably have already seen people share these on Twitter or in their research. These market maps are often accompanied by reports. For your understanding, these reports focus on particular topics or platforms, detailing major participants and competitors in the specified ecosystem.

Etherscan – Best Blockchain Explorer

Etherscan operates as a blockchain explorer for the Ethereum network, functioning like how search engines like Google index and provide access to web pages. It facilitates the retrieval and presentation of data from the Ethereum blockchain.

Etherscan Tool

To comprehend its utility, consider the following structured walkthrough:

Step 1: Upon accessing the Etherscan platform, the interface presents a search utility. This tool allows for the input of Ethereum-specific identifiers such as transaction hashes, addresses, or token identifiers.

Step 2: Post submission of a valid query, Etherscan furnishes relevant data. For a transaction, pertinent details encompass transferred values, participating addresses, incurred gas fees, and precise transaction times.

Step 3: Etherscan’s capabilities extend to detailed scrutiny of smart contracts. Information such as contract source codes, associated ABI, and contract interactions can be extracted here.

Step 4: An alert mechanism is integrated for those aiming to monitor specific Ethereum addresses. Through this feature, one can establish notifications, receiving real-time updates on designated address activities.

Step 5: At a macro level, the platform also aggregates Ethereum network statistics, providing figures like prevailing gas prices and overall network transaction volumes.

Step 6: Developers find value in Etherscan’s provision of APIs, useful for integrating Ethereum data into distinct applications.

Etherscan basically acts as a structured portal for obtaining and evaluating data on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform emphasizes clarity and neutrality in presenting its capabilities and features.

Arkham Intelligence

Despite being public, blockchain transactions often remain as abstract data sequences, lacking discernible context due to inherent anonymity. Arkham Intelligence stands as a platform designed to interpret this data. Arkham has developed something they call Ultra, an AI-powered address-matching engine. This technology is built to link blockchain addresses to tangible real-world identities, converting anonymous sequences into identifiable data points. Meaning Arkham provides an aggregated view with analytics, shedding light on the behaviour patterns associated with these addresses. You can now literally search for people’s names and see their addresses and who they interact with. There is even the wallet of Donald Trump

Arkham Tool

Furthermore, Arkham has created the Intel Exchange – a decentralized protocol that acts as a conduit for trading data and labels. This helps to get a clearer perspective on blockchain activities, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of digital asset market dynamics.

Arkham Intelligence serves as a tool to increase transparency within the cryptocurrency landscape. Through its methodical data interpretation and the provision of the Intel Exchange, it aspires to make the digital asset marketplace more navigable and efficient. The overarching goal is to provide clarity while ensuring that the cryptocurrency realm remains as open and fair as intended.

Woobull and LookintoBitcoin – Bitcoin Metrics 

Woobull Charts is a specialized platform aimed at the detailed analysis and representation of cryptocurrency metrics, mostly for Bitcoin. It consolidates a wide range of data points, thereby enabling a view of cryptocurrency market trends and dynamics. By using distinct charting techniques and incorporating diverse datasets, Woobull ensures that the crypto investor or enthusiast can access the macro trends and finer nuances that drive the digital asset space. 

LookIntoBitcoin is a very similar platform providing tools and charts that focus on Bitcoin’s intrinsic value and its comparison to external financial benchmarks. By emphasizing long-term value indicators and historical price analyses, it offers insights into Bitcoin’s cyclical nature and its potential future trajectory. Key metrics, like the stock-to-flow ratio and the 2-year moving average multiplier, provide readers with a robust analytical framework, aiding in understanding Bitcoin’s position within larger economic contexts. 

Bitcoin Charts

Here are some charts provided by the websites:

  1. Bitcoin Price Models: Various price models tailored for Bitcoin.
  2. Bitcoin NVT Ratio: A tool to detect if Bitcoin is over or undervalued, analogous to a PE ratio.
  3. Bitcoin Volatility vs Other Asset Classes: A comparison of Bitcoin’s volatility against other asset classes.
  4. Bitcoin Money Supply vs USD: A metric suggesting Bitcoin’s potential move towards being a world reserve currency.
  5. Bitcoin Network Throughput: Measures Bitcoin’s throughput in terms of transactions, payments, and USD value per second.
  6. Bitcoin Hash Price: Tracks the evolution of Bitcoin’s mining hardware capabilities over time, using the price per hash metric.
  7. Fear And Greed Index: An index gauging the emotional state of the Bitcoin market.
  8. MVRV Z-Score: An on-chain-based indicator.
  9. RHODL Ratio: Reflects the length of time Bitcoin is held.
  10. 200-Week Moving Average Heatmap: Illustrates Bitcoin’s price in relation to its 200-week moving average.

Both platforms, in their own ways, present structured, fact-based insights aimed at informing and educating the user. They strip away the noise and deliver objective analyses, making them invaluable resources.

How to Use These Analysis Tools Effectively

Tools like Morpher AI, Nansen Etherscan, Messari, Arkham, Woobull, and LookIntoBitcoin offer invaluable insights, giving you even more than fundamental and technical perspectives. 

For daily traders, you can always use Morpher AI to give you the most recent markets where the action is happening while utilizing some technical analysis tools or indicators from Tradingview.  

If you are rather the long-term fundamentalist, you might rely on the knowledge of Nansen and Etherscan to trace transactions, ensuring authenticity and analyzing on-chain data. Dive deeper with Messari Pro, utilizing its daily research reports and comparative asset metrics. Arkham can be used for a granular study of transactional behaviour, shedding light on real-world entities tied to blockchain addresses. Finally, you can complete your macro analysis with Woobull and LookIntoBitcoin, particularly with charts such as Bitcoin Price Models, NVT Ratio, and the Fear and Greed Index. 

There is one thing to look out for, though. With all that information and wealth of insights these tools offer, one must be wary of analysis paralysis. The crypto landscape is dynamic, and an overemphasis on waiting for the ‘perfect metric’ can be detrimental. Use the platforms for insight and then take decisive action. While staying informed is paramount, perpetually being in a state of analysis might cause missed opportunities, mainly because bull runs come much faster than anticipated and often take you by surprise. 

Disclaimer: All investments involve risk, and the past performance of a security, industry, sector, market, financial product, trading strategy, or individual’s trading does not guarantee future results or returns. Investors are fully responsible for any investment decisions they make. Such decisions should be based solely on an evaluation of their financial circumstances, investment objectives, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs. This post does not constitute investment advice.

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