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Summer Update: IDO, Whitepaper, and Candlesticks

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Denis Bykov

Morpher summer update with mockup image of office space.

Welcome to our second summer update! This is a big one: open registrations are coming (no invite required), our official whitepaper is out, a Uniswap token listing is in the works, and there are some great new app features.

We’re excited to have already invited 40,000 users from the waitlist. Anyone that signed up recently or is still waiting, thank you for your patience!

Meanwhile existing traders have already passed a monthly trading volume of 50,000,000 MPH. 📈

Public Launch (Open Registration) 🎉

The Morpher trading app is coming out of private beta. Very soon anyone will be able to signup and immediately start trading, no invite from us required. This should also make inviting friends for an airdrop bonus a lot nicer: your friend can start trading without waiting on us, and you get your extra airdrop bonus right away too.

Initial DeFi Offering / Token Listing

An important step is providing real pricing and liquidity to MPH i.e. making it possible for you to buy and sell tokens. MPH is being listed on Uniswap, personally backed by us with Ethereum. No exact date to announce yet, it’s happening this quarter and as early as this month.

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange, or DEX, that runs independently and custodian-free on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s the perfect exchange for our first token listing, a.k.a an Initial DeFi Offering. If you want to learn more on what that’ll look like, there’s a great write up on defiprime.

Want to buy up MPH for trading? We’re considering rewarding early users by listing at a discounted price, more news on that as it gets closer.

The best part about integrating with Uniswap is that converting ETH to MPH will be super easy! Soon you won’t have to wonder what your MPH is worth or how to deposit/withdraw.

Morpher Whitepaper 📄

📣 Our Whitepaper is now live, read it here: Morpher Whitepaper

It’s about 20 pages and covers the key features, how the Morpher Protocol works, and the various smart contracts that enable the platform. We’ve also expanded the Morpher Guide so you’ll be able to find the same great information at your own pace.

Smart Contract Source Code

As part of the whitepaper release, we have also open sourced our entire blockchain protocol. You can find the source code on Github. The smart contracts have undergone multiple audits for bugs & security threats. Our bounty program is under development, and Solidity coders are welcome to reach out if you discover something!

Morpher Scan

Morpher Scan is our blockchain explorer, this is where you can see everything the Morpher Protocol does. All transactions, smart contracts, and trades on our own blockchain show up in Scan. It’s also powered by a great open source project, Blockscout, from POA Network.

Trust Built on Transparency 🤝

Why are we sharing source code and the blockchain explorer? We believe the perfect financial system requires transparency. Modern financial networks are blackboxes, using them requires blind faith. It shouldn’t be this way. In contrast, transparency means you can check how a system is built and what actions it takes, and this is the ultimate foundation for trust.

If you’re a decentralized finance (DeFi) fan, this is nothing new, which is what makes DeFi so great. These are just the first critical steps to building the right financial framework for global trading.

Transparency means you can check how a system is built and what actions it takes, and this is the ultimate foundation for trust.

MPH Owner’s Guide 💸🧐

We’ve created a short guide with just the basics to help you understand the economics of MPH tokens. In light of the upcoming token listing, we think this guide is a great addition to the whitepaper for every token owner. It’s a quick read and covers:

  • Supply
  • Demand
  • Inflation
  • Token Dumping

You can read the Token Owner’s Guide here.

New Features 📱

Candlestick & Bar Charts

Demo of candlestick, area chart, and bar chart switching on Morpher.

By popular demand, 2 new char types are here: candlesticks and bar charts. You can see open, high, low, and close prices now. This will make it much easier to spot trends at a glance.

Toggle Returns & Portfolio Value

Up till now the portfolio chart showed your total value change. This is great for tracking everything you do with your portfolio including deposits, withdrawals, new airdrop bonuses and returns. However, sometimes you just want to know how your trading performance has evolved. So we’ve added a new toggle, that can switch your portfolio view to returns only.

You can see how it’s usefull from the gif above: my value chart is thrown off because of a big deposit, so switching to Returns makes it easy to track my actual trading performance. The Returns view starts you at 100 when you first open an account, this makes it easy to calculate your absolute returns (a Return of 110 means you made 10%).

Improved Trading Terminal

Thank you for all the feedback about the trading terminal. We listened and made it even simpler to use. You can now close your positions with one click. And we’ve refined the help text, no more confusing messages telling you how to short when you are trying to buy.

Automatic Token Bonus

This one was long overdue. Finally you’ll be able to claim the remainder of your Airdrop rewards and automatically grab new Airdrop bonuses when your friends sign up.

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