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New Healthcare Stocks and Recent IPOs

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Logos of new stocks added to Morpher like Roblox, Hims, and DoorDash.

We are constantly working to ensure that our users are able to trade the most relevant and exciting markets out there. When you asked to trade Gamestop ($GME) and AMC Entertainment ($AMC) we made it happen.

Let us know what markets you want to see added next! Start a "Market Request" discussion in our community, and we'll try to make it happen. 

This time around we focused on expanding our list of tradable crypto assets, as well as on adding some recent IPO issues, and popular stocks.

Recent IPOs

The IPO market just keeps getting better and better, and with the rising popularity of special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), we expect to see even more great issues in 2021.

We are adding Roblox ($RBLX), the online multiplayer gaming platform that made it’s IPO debut early last week. Internal game economies are what drives investor confidence for the stock, and for good reason as we’ve seen in-game transaction markets generate billions of dollars worth of revenue in games like Fortnite over the last couple of years. For sake of reference, the game engine that runs Fortnite was recently valued at $17 Bn, while Roblox debuted with a market cap of $45 Bn.

You don’t have to look far to find an alternative tech stock, Coupang ($CPNG), dubbed “the Amazon of South Korea”, also made it’s debut on the US markets last week. The e-commerce company set a new record for biggest IPO debut since Alibaba in 2014, valued at $84 Bn on it’s first day of trading. We are also adding Wish ($WISH) the ultra-low-cost online retailer just in case you wanted even more exposure to East Asian ecommerce.


This update also includes a lot of companies from the healthcare sector, after all, it’s not surprising that biotech and health stocks have seen such a surge in popularity. One such company is Hims & Hers Health ($HIMS), a company that gained a lot of traction during the pandemic thanks to their robust YouTube advertising campaign. The company debuted on the NYSE earlier this year via SPAC reverse-merger.

If you’ve recently taken an interest in the healthcare sector – specifically vaccine development – then you’re no stranger to Novavax ($NVAX) which we’ve also added in this update. Novavax is another biotech company racing to develop a vaccine against Covid-19. The company is currently in the third phase of clinical trial testing, and plans to apply for emergency authorization for distribution from regulators in the next coming weeks. Novavax already has 300 million purchase orders pending approval.

Finally, we’re also adding Zomedica ($ZOM), a veterinary healthcare company. That’s right, Zomedica focuses on meeting the healthcare needs of pets such as dogs and cats. The U.S. companion animal healthcare sector is worth approximately $20 Bn (2020), and Zomedica aims to be on it’s forefront.

The full list of new markets

How do we decide which markets to add?

First and foremost, we look at your suggestions in the Community. Our users post discussion topics for the markets that they want added, and we try to gauge how many other users would appreciate trading that market as well.

Not unlike yourselves, we are a passionate about financial markets as well, and a lot of the time we add markets that we also would like to see trading on Morpher. However, we can’t add just any market (at least not yet), and try to prioritize markets with more liquidity, stable price-action, and consistent data. That way we know you’re getting an accurate representation of the markets that you want to have in your portfolio.

Disclaimer: All investments involve risk, and the past performance of a security, industry, sector, market, financial product, trading strategy, or individual’s trading does not guarantee future results or returns. Investors are fully responsible for any investment decisions they make. Such decisions should be based solely on an evaluation of their financial circumstances, investment objectives, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs. This post does not constitute investment advice.

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